Whats happening at TAG USA?

What does my child learn in gymnastics class?

Each one of our certified, background checked and trained coaches will follow a lesson plan to teach new skills and review old skills. Skills are taught by Progressions, which utilizes safe, step by step, drills to instill gymnastics skills. We will teach multiple basic skills per level and will introduce two to three of these new skills per class. During weeks five and nine, our coaches will subtly evaluate each child’s accomplishments and record it on their personal skill sheet.

How does my child advance to a higher level?

There are certain skills that an athlete must attain before safely advancing to a higher level. These skills are monitored by the coach and recorded on your child’s personal skill sheet. When your child has mastered the necessary skills, the coach will speak with the parent and recommend immediate advancement to the next level. Recreational classes have four main levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and pre-team, each with their own criteria for advancement.

What should my child wear and bring to class?

Most female athletes will wear a gymnastic leotard. Male athletes or females that do not have a leotard, should wear a tight t-shirt and comfortable shorts that allow flexibility. All athletes will remove their shoes and socks when going into the gym.

How do I schedule a make-up class if my child misses their scheduled class?

As a courtesy, TAG USA offers up to two make-up classes per session for children that miss their regularly scheduled class. Once your child misses their regular class, a parent may phone TAG USA and schedule a make-up class at an available class time. You will then receive a Confirmation Number that will guarantee entrance into the class. After scheduling your make-up class, you are required to check in at the front desk. Please note that we do not have availability of the 4:30 pm time slot for make-ups during this session. Remember that walk-ins cannot be guaranteed an available make-up class without a Confirmation Number.

Can I make changes to our registered class or add an additional class?

Yes, a parent can complete a day/time Transfer Form to change a class without charge. Adding an additional class is easy. Call us or visit the front desk so that we can find an available and convenient class for your child.

How do I sign up for the next session of classes?

TAG USA members may begin signing up for the next session during the eighth week of the current session. The benefit of a TAG USA membership is having your first choice and our guarantee of classes at convenient prime times. Additionally, all members receive their ten week session at the reduced membership price.

What are some of TAG USA’s other programs?

Our Girls & Boys Gymnastics and Trampoline Teams have won State, Regional, and National Championships; TAG USA offers a FREE newborn & Mommy class;  TAG USA’s coed Sports Camp during Winter, Spring, Summer, and for School Days off;  Open Gym / Parent Date Night every Saturday Night from 7-10PM;  Two hour Birthday Parties;  School Pick up for the After Care Program.